Wall & Building Graphics

Wall & Building Graphics

We’ve all gone into a building or hotel searching for the elevator and had trouble locating it at first. Happens all the time.

Sometimes, however, the reason you can walk right past an elevator is that it’s been cleverly wrapped in some amazing design for advertising reasons. I’ve seen them wrapped so that they look like a swimming pool, trees and even an escalator. You do a double take, then you take it all in.

Most of us are enthralled at how this kind of wrap can play tricks with our eyes – and that’s exactly what the advertisers want. They want to grab your attention while you’re walking through the lobby, checking into a hotel or waiting in line so that you notice the company or event they’re advertising so that you’ll remember it.

Advertisers also like to be creative once you’ve stepped into the elevator. After all, they’ve got a captive audience – at least for a floor or two and maybe even 15, 20 or more – so covering the walls is a perfect way to communicate an event, a product, company, restaurants, etc.

These kind of wraps aren’t confined to the inside of buildings either. Plenty of buildings place advertising on the outside to garner even more attention by the many people walking, driving or even flying past. A couple of pretty impressive ones that come to mind:


  • I once saw an ad for a paint company on the side of a huge garage that featured colorful cans of paint spilling down the side of the building. It didn’t stop there, though. It was designed so that it appeared that the paint flowed down to the parking lot below, covering it in a myriad of bright colors too.
  • Hotels often utilize building wraps to advertise the benefits of their location. One in particular that I know of at a great beach features palm trees, an amazing sunset and beautiful ocean.


The point is, you remember this kind of innovative advertising. The outside and inside of elevators, the outside of buildings…. It’s a perfect way to sell a business, product, event, etc…. in a very BIG way.