proofreading word on white sheet with red pen, books, glasses on wooden table

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Are Crucial In Business

Have you ever read an article or seen an advertisement that caught your attention for the wrong reasons? Sure, it might have been an interesting story or an intriguing sign but then you couldn’t help but notice the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and it ruined the moment.

This happens all the time, way too often in fact. And it hurts plenty because, simply put, consumers can’t stand it.

A recent study by Disruptive Communications showed that the brand behavior that annoys people most on social media is bad spelling and grammar. That really shouldn’t be a surprise because if customers are bothered by poor grammar on social media, can you imagine how they would feel if they saw it on a billboard, vehicle wrap, wall graphic or even a yard sign?

The fact is, misspelled words, grammatical and punctuation errors make you look and seem dumb. Fess up, would you really want to buy something if the signage promoting it includes misspelled words? Won’t you wonder if whoever is behind that signage is serious about their business, product or service and if they’re completely dedicated to it and its success?

I know I would. Spelling and grammar can make or break a letter, an ad or any type of signage used to promote a business or product. Here are a few examples of horrible signs that somehow made it through production:

No matter what you’re doing regarding business, be relentless when it comes to punctuation, spelling and grammar. Make no mistake about it, people will judge you, your business, products and services, if you fail at any of the three.