Whether you’re the new business on the block, or the old-timer in town, rebranding can be beneficial to your business. And while rebranding requires more than a basic name and logo change, that simple change alone is the first one people will notice. Because the logo and name is the customer’s first impression of your company, it’s important that it be executed well.

Rebranding to keep up with trends is important to the success of any business, because in order to keep from becoming stagnant, you need to keep your look fresh. If a customer isn’t interested in doing business with you purely because of an outdated feel with your logo or graphic design, then you’ve lost business before you’ve ever even spoken with the customer.

So whether your new business needs a fresh start or your established company needs a new brand identity, we can help you effectively communicate your new brand look through event graphics, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall murals, window graphics, and more.

To effectively rebrand the look of a company, you should target customers within your niche demographic. Often, these unique customer bases will want a different look from those in other demographics. Keeping this in mind, it is also important to show your new brand across platforms that this niche is looking. For instance, if you’re a pavement sealing company, trade show banners and truck wraps may prove far more beneficial than a wall mural and window graphic. Keep your niche in mind when rebranding, and be aware of their media and social habits and trends.

Once a rebranding effort has been put in motion, your brand should look the same — no matter how it’s being accessed. If your letterheads have one logo and your office interior and vehicle wraps have a different logo, your company will lack the uniformity your customers need to see.

Our business is here to help your business succeed. If a rebranding effort is in your company’s future — or even in the works — we can help push your new look across all platforms including, but not limited to, elevator wraps, POP displays, outdoor signage, floor graphics, vehicle wraps, event graphics, trade show displays, wall murals, and window graphics.

We will help make sure your customers’ first impression of your business is a positive and lasting one.