Outdoor Advertising A Must For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner and you’re not investing in outdoor advertising, you’re missing a great opportunity to get your product or business in front of a multitude of eyes.

There are a variety of great ways to take advantage of outdoor advertising. Here are three tips to help you get the most bang for your buck:

First, make sure you choose the right location. Advertising in anything less than a prime location and to the wrong audience would defeat the purpose of any outdoor advertising campaign. Selecting the right location to advertise your products and services is a very important factor in measuring the return on your investment (ROI).

Also, before choosing the location, you must identify and define your target audience.

Second, you must craft the right message. While outdoor advertising is one of the most eye-catching examples of advertising, it also gives you a very limited period of time to grab consumer’s attention. People looking at outdoor signage might be traveling down the interstate, so you’ve only got seconds to make an impression on them. With such a brief amount of time, the key to effective advertising is to coming up with something that draws their eye or makes them look twice.

Remember, something unique with a memorable message is the only way to go.

Third, you must develop a digital trail. To show the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising campaign and proving how significant the ROI is, you must create a digital trail in order to track revenue and obtain leads.

So how do you do that?


  • Include a promotion code on your ad that gives the consumer an exclusive discount or special offer
  • Create a unique landing page with a clear call to action that is related to your ad, then track your page visits, leads and conversions
  • Promote your message to call to action via your social media channels and then track your engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments, etc.)


Identify five or 10 businesses in your area, reach out to them and make them your customers TODAY!

Have a great summer!