Making Your Trade Show Booth Memorable

A trade show booth tells more about your company to potential customers than immediately meets the eye. Friendliness, modernness, and overall quality can be reflected by a trade show setup. It’s crucial that you convey the right message from start to finish — and you want to stand out in the crowd. Amidst rows and rows of booths, often the name of your company alone is not enough to drive traffic to your table. Colors that reflect your brand should dominate your booth, and making sure your signs are of top quality is important. Even if your booth is small, quality matters. Here are some more tips to make sure your booth gets noticed at a trade show.


Lighting will make your booth stand out. That’s not to say that you should go overboard with lights, but making sure your booth is well lit is important. Think about the houses you pass around Christmas time. When you pass so many lighted houses, the ones that don’t even light a porch light seem to completely disappear. The same concept applies with booths. You should be visible to your potential customers


The overall design of your trade show booth should communicate the right message about your brand. This can be reflected in your graphics, decor, and signage. Are you an edgy and trendy company? If so, your signage should be edgy and trendy. If you are a traditional company, your decor should compliment that.


Have you ever passed a booth and the vendor didn’t seem to care? Or better yet, have you ever tried to engage with a vendor and they didn’t try to talk to you? This will immediately leave a bitter taste towards your company in the mouths of potential clients.  Additionally, having a vendor full of passion and excitement about the brand will make potential customers have a positive association with your brand. In short, the attitude your vendors have at your booth will likely be a reflection of the attitude that potential customers have about your brand.


Remember, you’re not limited to print and lights! Music, slideshows, videos, and other technical displays can add another level to your booth. Having a digital portfolio in the form of a slideshow or video is a fun way to show your work to customers.

Draw them in

Having a giveaway, interactive game or learning opportunity will provide people with a compelling reason to visit your booth. Even if a customer may not immediately need the services you offer, having a giveaway will often bring them to your booth. This forms an initial relationship with a potential future client you may have otherwise missed.

Got swag?

Brochures are a great tool to inform customers about your product and brand. Swag is great for engaging customers with your brand. Most likely a brochure will eventually be tossed out, but a fun promotional item that reflects and relates to your brand has a higher chance of being kept. Brochures and swag are both great tools for making your booth stand out.