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It’s Okay to be Clingy.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to grab attention and entice new customers into your store? Of course you are because that’s the goal of everyone who runs a business and has something to sell.

Here’s a thought… have you ever considered the often under-appreciated window cling? They’re colorful, creative and bold and here at SpeedPro Imaging they’re printed in vibrant full-color.

Window clings are a great way to go if you’re interested in affordable, short-term graphics. Another plus? They’re easily applied in most cases and can be placed by just about anybody. Some, of course, are on a little larger scale and might require a little extra help when it comes time to putting them on the window but they’re still really simple to handle – and well worth the effort.

Speaking of larger clings, some are pretty darn impressive – like the one an Apple store that stretched across the entire window front. It was a cling fashioned to appear like shattered glass. You think that didn’t have people talking? Or the one promoting safe driving and no texting with a cling-on graphic on the front of a bus? Yep, those aren’t easily forgotten – which is exactly what you want.

At SpeedPro we can custom create clings and other window stickers into any shape you need, giving you the option of having something eye-catching and totally unique.

Need more convincing? Clings stick to glass and need no adhesive, they’re inexpensive, they can be moved around once they’ve been placed, they can be mounted inside or outside glass and they’re easy to remove. When it comes to advertising, clings are definitely a solid way to go.

Get the right design to go along with our bold colors and your windows will stop people in their tracks. It’s an innovative way to attract attention and very cost-efficient.

If you want to create a lasting impression, see an increase in your business and be the talk of town, give window clings and graphics – and SpeedPro Imaging – a try. You’ll be happy you did.


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