Car wrapping specialist wraps a car parts with adhesive foil

Great Vehicle Wrap Do’s and Don’ts

Wrapping a vehicle continues to be the most effective form of advertising in today’s market. How effective? One wrapped vehicle garners anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 views a day – depending on how much it’s driven around.

If you want your company or product to grab attention, vehicle wraps are the way to go. And they’re also the lowest cost-per-impression rate out there, particularly when compared to television advertising.

If you want a vehicle wrap that will really be successful there are a number of things the design company should take into consideration:


  • Before even thinking about the right design, the company creating your wrap should take pictures of the vehicle from all angles, as well as measurements. Be aware of every differentiation in the body of the car, its cures, rivets, door handles and body breaks.
  • Look the vehicle over in person and don’t rely just on digital templates, which can only tell you part of the story. Sure, it gives the design company a dimensional outline but it won’t make them aware of any unique situations involving the vehicle.
  • The whole idea around a vehicle wrap is for it to be noticed so go big when it comes to the design and colors. The brighter it is, the bolder the design, the more it will get noticed.
  • Keep the communication lines open. No design should be started unless the client has given it the go-ahead and be sure you give them exactly what they want.
  • Designers are passionate about their work so it can often be tough to rein them in – but if you want the client to be happy it’s a must. Listen to the client and give them exactly what they want – regardless of your opinion. Certainly you can offer thoughts and ideas but the customer IS always right when it comes to their desires and needs.
  • Go easy on the words. Remember, wrapped vehicles generally only have a few seconds to make an impression and words aren’t usually the first thing people notice. Go big with the design and branding and maybe add a catch phase and/or phone number but not much more than that.
  • Less is more. It can be tempting to throw everything but the kitchen sink into a design but the most interesting ones are vibrant and stylish, even simple.
  • The design must be an immediate attention grabber. While zipping through traffic, there isn’t much time for the vehicle to be seen so make sure the wrap is striking and quickly understood.
  • Before the wrap is printed – and certainly before wrapping the vehicle – make sure the client has given his or her approval on the design. Doing otherwise could cause you to lose the client – and money.


Following these simple steps will ensure that the client gets exactly what they’re looking for and it’s done in the most efficient manner possible.

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