Graphics for Manufacturers (directional signage, safety banners, floor graphics)

Having effective directional signage, floor graphics and safety banners for manufacturers is crucial for customers, employees and visitors.

Of course, making sure all three components have the same theme, look and message by incorporating your company logo, graphics, colors, etc., is key. What you want to end up with is a sign system that stands out, is easy to locate, see and read and gets the point across.

Directional signage can be used inside or out. Coroplast signs, for instance, are great for outdoor usage as they can be placed just about anywhere to lead a visitor to the correct area.

Directional signage can also be made from plastic, vinyl, metal and wood and can be used inside a facility to help clients and visitors get to where they need to be with little to no effort.

Safety banners can be used to highlight any number of things throughout your company. If employees are required to wear particular equipment, such as hardhats or eye and ear protection, or if your plant has potentially hazardous areas, guiding clients and employees with proper signage will help keep everyone safe and help you rest easier.

Floor graphics are another great way to catch someone’s attention and help them get from one area to another. If you have a large company they’re a wonderful tool in that they can be used as directional signage. You’ve seen arrows or lines in a variety of colors used as guidelines on concrete flooring, right? Floor graphics are easy to put down, durable and impactful.

Like safety banners and directional signage, floor graphics aren’t just for indoors. They can also be used quite effectively on sidewalks and in parking areas, as well.