Event Trends for 2017

A new year is upon on and with it comes the need to quickly determine what the newest and most interesting trends are regarding the event marketing industry.


Some of the biggest trends for this year follow:


  • Go smaller. Yes, that’s right. Small is the new big when it comes to many events. This allows you to focus on smaller groups, giving them a more personalized experience.
  • “Heads up” attractions. In order to get people’s heads up and away from their smartphones, go with interactive games and displays, overhead screens, energetic videos, etc.
  • Incorporate small leisure moments into your big events, giving attendees a chance to talk with others and take a break from the overall environment.
  • Give attendees something they won’t be able to stop talking about, like food and drink tastings, creative staging and cool giveaways.
  • Content remains No. 1. You must create content to help with RSVPs and to promote registrations, as well as offer beneficial information to attendees. Make social media and blogging part of your plan as well.


Obviously, if you’re attending trade shows and events, you’re looking for ways for your display to stand out. Here are some great ideas:


  • Have an interactive presentation, i.e. allow those visiting your booth to take part in mini demonstrations.
  • Brand your tablecloths, backdrop and table displays. And get creative so that they’re all attention grabbers.
  • Have creative and informative handouts that standout.
  • Have a photo booth with some great background choices for your visitors.
  • Use social media to not just attract attendees but also once they’ve visited your booth, tag them. They’ll love it, likely share it and you’ll be getting your business, logo, and product in front of a lot more people.
  • Be different enough that you stand out. Wear funny hat or glasses, blow bubbles as they walk by – anything that will get you noticed.
  • Have some giveaways – who doesn’t like free stuff?
  • Play games and have prizes that boast your company logo.
  • Go the Guerilla Marketing way. Give away shirts, cups, buttons, and hats – anything that has your branding on it. People will wear them and you’ll get tons of exposure.
  • Offer free food, water or candy (if possible with your logo on it). Everybody loves something to munch on at trade shows.

If you’ve got the space, give people a place to take a breather. Once they’re sitting, they can’t help but notice everything in your booth.