Blank creative exhibition stand design with color shapes. Booth template. Corporate marks and corporate identity. 3d render

Designing Booths That Stand Out

It’s estimated that there are about 300,000 trade shows in the United States each year. And at every single one of those shows, each and every person or organization taking part is doing their part to stand out.

It’s tough though. You’ve only got so much space and everybody else at the show is competing for attention. So, how do you grab the spotlight? Following are some good ideas that can help put you front and center.

 First, we’ll consider ways to make your 2D booth the life of the party. The first thing you should do is use bold, eye-catching words that quickly grab someone’s attention. Make it funny or memorable and people will notice. Also, make sure your logo is part of the copy or tagline – you want to make a solid impression so that they remember you.

Other 2D ideas:


  • Use memorable products as part of your display space, i.e., splash it on your backdrop, on your tablecloth or as a pop-up banners, etc.
  • Use eye-catching digital graphics that employ plenty of movement, action and color, on display screens in your booth.
  • On print graphics, include QR codes that visitors to your booth can scan with their phones.
  • Go easy on the amount of photographs or static images around your booth. You need to have ONE focal point, not several.
  • Don’t go crazy with color. The standard is to use no more than three colors so that the focus is on your message or product.
  • Use a variety of graphics at different heights. Have some go as high as the show will allow, have some stand six to eight feet above the floor and have others about five feet off the floor.
  • Use a readable font on your graphics and make sure it’s big enough to been seen.


Now, we’ll look at ways to improve a 3D trade show booth. To start with, make sure the design of your booth isn’t the norm – do something that makes the spotlight shine on you. It may cost a little more but a well-designed booth makes people talk – and in a good way.

Other 3D ideas:


  • Add inexpensive technological perks for visitors. Let visitors not only charge their phones at your booth but what about offering them free Wi-Fi too? People will LOVE it!
  • Use materials in your booth that visitors can identify with. Everybody loves wood, right? Use it to add warmth to your booth.
  • Use whatever is around you to make your booth shine. Incorporate shelves or racks that are integrated with your logos to the back of the booth or use digital display screens to form additional walls to lead visitors through your booth.
  • Go bright. You want your booth to be well lit so that it draw’s attention to your graphics, banners, etc. use LED lights to really spice things up.


Just remember that you’re competing with countless other individuals who are doing their best to outshine you at trade shows. A great booth with plenty of pizazz will put you at the top of the class!