street art yellow

Artwork Brings Color To The Streets

We were recently given an opportunity to help the city of Abingdon, VA bring color to the streets. The Abingdon Main Street organization is helping complete the beginning stages of a much bigger project with the help of a grant along with Virginia Main Street and private donations.

SpeedPro Imaging of the Tri-Cites was awarded the project to place artwork of local artists on several traffic signal boxes throughout downtown Abingdon to really bring the city to life.

The six original artwork designs are: The yellow and reds of the “Dinosaur, Plague Doctor, Robot, Black Cat and Zombie Lincoln” by Eric Drummond Smith is on Valley and Court streets; the “Mount Zion Baptist Church” by Nancy Johnson, a colorful church scene on the corner of West Main and Cummings; “Oak, Ash and Thorn” by Nadya Warthen-Gibson is an array of blues and blacks on Pecan and Main; “Jones Detail” is decorated in reds, greens and blacks by Shawn Crookshank and is next to Highlands Union Bank; “Mockingbird” by Leila Cartier, which is a mockingbird surrounded by shades of red and black and is on the corner of Cummings and Valley streets; and the “Blountville Barn in Yellow and Blue” by Val Lyle is at Porterfield and Main.

The final six paintings chosen were photographed and then reproduced on a weatherproof, long-lasting vinyl material that we call cast vinyl. The use of this cast vinyl will allow the signal boxes to stay colorful and bright for many years to come.

We had great fun with this project and look forward to many more local projects for our community. If we can help you with a community project or help your business give us a call today!