Advertising through Window Decals

Your lifelong dream of opening your own business is about to come to fruition. Before opening day, however, among the many things on your to do list is to figure out the perfect signage which will help fashion your identity.

Regardless of how big it is, how ornamental, how colorful it might be, that one sign on the outside of your business likely won’t be enough to make potential customers aware of exactly what it is you’re selling. For example, if the sign simply says “Smith Brothers” or “Ken’s Carpets” does that tell people everything you need them to know? It definitely doesn’t.

If you have a cleaning business and your service includes washing windows on huge skyscrapers, pressure washing homes and housework, is one sign really going to get your message out? Of course not. That’s why you need to think of other ways to advertise at your business.

One of the best ways is to take advantage of your window space by using graphics, which are definitely an attention-grabber for pedestrians walking by and for those driving past your business as well. With window decals you can tell your story much better, highlighting the variety of services you offer, products you sell or if you’re having a big sale.

You can also transform an entire window space with an interesting, full-sized, eye-catching graphic that dares people not to look. This is a fantastic way to set your business apart from others on the block or in the area, enticing people to come inside to see everything you have to offer.

Another way to stand out is to use digital signs, which are a fantastic way to advertise. While they can be a bit more costly, they’re also very effective. Scrolling videos of the services you offer or pictures of your products will certainly grab attention and you could also sell space on them to your clients. The big advantage digital signage has over more traditional signage is that it can easily be changed and customized, with very little cost or effort.

When it comes to advertising your business, it’s often beneficial to go with what you might perceive to be a non-traditional route. More often than not, it will end up paying off in the end.