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25 Fun Fundraiser Ideas

When you were a kid you might have taken part in fundraisers for your school or your church and you still may be fundraising today, helping your children with their projects or even your business.

One of the favorites back in the day was selling donuts as a major fundraiser. When you think about it now though, you wonder how any of those donuts were ever sold because when it comes to advertising, all kids did was write on a piece of poster board and carry it around or hang it from a table.

Not exactly the best way to advertise an event, right? These days there are fundraisers for all sorts of different things and many are extremely successful. One of the reasons for that is that the folks involved in the fundraisers have upped their games when it comes to marketing their event.

And that’s where we can come in. SpeedPro can whip up all sorts of indoor and outdoor signage that can help increase awareness for your fundraiser. If you need posters we can easily create those and if you need banners we can have those done in no time at all. Other items we can easily produce for your fundraiser include decals, event graphics and tents, table coverings and flags.

We can also create murals, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, directional signage, and much more. So when you’re getting ready to start strategizing for your next fundraiser make sure you include us in your plan.

And now here are 25 Fun Fundraiser ideas we can help you with (Click on each for more information):


Zombie Walk/Run/Lurch

Hunger Games Fundraiser

World Record Challenge

Mud Run/Obstacle Course

Casino Night

Cow Pie Bingo

Chili Cook-off/BBQ Competition

Ninja Challenge

Food Truck Rodeo

Craft Beer Fair

Fun Festival

Jingle Bell Walk

Taste of Town

Pub Crawl Fundraiser

Diva Night

Beach Party

Mardi Gras

Costume Party

Krispy Kreme Challenge


Bed Race

Game Show Fundraiser

Star Wars/Star Trek

Paintball Tournament

Charity Golf Tournament

Bowling for Bucks


If you’re looking for some great poster templates, just Click Here to see a variety of great ones that we will be more than happy to help you with. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help with your fundraising needs!